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Sold Fender Custom Shop GT11 Strat - Roasted Flamed Neck, Roasted Alder Body


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Two guitars up for sale. Since I'm quite new to selling here, here is a link to my Reverb page: https://reverb.com/shop/daltons-shop-7

PRS Modern Eagle Quatro : $Sold

Fender Custom Shop GT11 Strat - Sweetwater Exclusive : $3,599

Heavy Relic Sonic Blue
Flamed roasted maple neck
Roasted Alder body
11” radius
Mike Lewis Fender CS Sweet 64’ pickups w/ reverse wound middle (positions 2&4 humbucking)
9.5/10 condition (not sure how to gauge reliced guitars but it’s basically new)

Feel free to message me with any questions

20BC4BF8-D7BF-47F5-B035-E2F339D1199F.jpeg 87A05EB3-2FC1-4807-A90C-8702BCBAFDB9.jpeg 69837972-4EDD-4732-ADA6-501D1EFE1160.jpeg ED0C5DD1-0C7C-4AA7-BD50-A1ACFFAA632E.jpeg AA52523E-3175-4C79-9AA3-FCB13D6CE306.jpeg


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