Fender Deluxe, gorilla, tone question


For the sake of argument lets agree a Fender Deluxe can have great tone. We all listen to a good player and comment on his great tone.

But give a chimp the guitar and what do you hear? Sounds like crap. But do you still hear the great tone of the Deluxe.
Do you walk away thinking the monkey sounded like crap, but the Deluxe tone was great? Oh, let's use a Tele for this.

The question is, the die hards that say "tone is in the gear", does that claim hold true for the monkey too?

I think no!! The chimp sounds awful, but my good friend can make the rig sound wonderful.

So to what degree does the human affect the outcome of good tone? My thought is the human is 100% involved.

Please explain all this to me toneisinthegear guys.

Please ease my worried mind, thanks


If the gorilla and the human play one specific note, picking with the same power and the amp is on the same settings, then yes they will sound more or less the same. If one hammers the note and the other not , No they wont sound the same. If one finger picks and the other uses a pick, no they wont sound the same.


I played a solo acoustic Jazz/Christmas gig today for a small party.

"That guitar sounds really nice, It must be the wood" is what I was told.

I just said thank you, even though I must have had nothing to do with the wood...

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