Sold Fender / Dimarzio / CTS HSS loaded pickguard - MIM 6-screw Tremolo Bridge - $100 for all!


This was pulled from a local CL find which I brought back to S/S/S. Tested first, everything works.

I determined the single coils to be original to the guitar - a late '00s Classic 60s. They are vintage staggered, low output - sound great. 5.8-6 kohm DC resistance.

The humbucker is an F-spaced Dimarzio Air Classic, which happens to be my favorite pickup, but I already have it in several guitars or I'd keep this one. The hot and ground leads on this one were extended by the previous owner (with solder) - the masking tape is just there as insulation (I'd add some heat shrink to be safe, but it's fine as is). The black & white leads are soldered together per standard but should be long enough to do any splitting stuff if you need to.

The pots are CTS 250k, tone cap, 0.1 uF.

When I got the guitar this was in, the humbucker was not wired to a tone control so as not to load it down too much with these 250k pots, it sounded just fine.

Guard looks to be parchment, almost certain actually - made in USA, not original Fender though. AllParts maybe?

Also including the original trem bridge from the guitar, a standard MIM Fender vintage bridge, screws, claw, springs, arm - probably zinc block (?) - no issues.

Not a bad guard + bridge package for your parts build -

How about $100 even shipped for the lot?




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