Fender DRRI price increase and buying used...

So, I have an opportunity to buy a Deluxe Reverb RI for less than $650 that's in excellent to near-mint shape. I don't NEED another amp, but have always wanted a Deluxe Reverb. For reference, the DRRI now sells for $1,300 brand new.

My question is, should I buy the used DR knowing that with the (insane) Fender price increase the used market prices for their amps will soon follow suit? I've already seen the market price increase with people selling used Teles and Strats for $100-$150 more than you could get them for a year ago.... Prices on used RI amps on Ebay are also already going up.... I figure it's just a matter of time when used RI amps everywhere will follow the trend.

I'm probably just justifying a GAS purchase, but if I end up wanting to sell the amp, I figure in a few months time the used Fender market prices will be going up and I'd be able to at LEAST make my money back if not more.....


Pat Healy

I picked mine up used for approximately that price. In your position, I'd pull the trigger.


That's what I got mine for. I absolutely love it.

I hate to say that FOR ME it was better than the RI Bassman, and the 60s blackface Bassman and Bandmasters that I've had :eek:

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