Fender Elite v Professional Telecaster?

Hi all,

I understand the basic differences between the two models and like both instruments, could anyone give their thoughts on the following?

A) is the finish applied any thicker on either model?
B) is the wood quality any better or worse between the two models? (I thought it would be doubtful given the relatively small price difference and obvious cost increases on the elite)
C) apart from neck profile, pickups, tuners and binding (some models), is there any other areas where I would see a 'improvement/quality upgrade' in buying an Elite as opposed to a Proferssional?

Avoiding pickups in this discussion as if it became an issue down the line i would have no issue in replacing etc.

I appreciate tone is subjective etc, however, just after the general views on quality and perceived quality improvements which i may have missed?

Thanks all!


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I think the compound radius fretboard, barrel saddles and sculpted heel/tummy cut are the major differences. I don't think the finish amount or wood quality are even worth thinking about, honestly.
Kind of as I thought....thanks!

To be honest, I'm struggling with which to go for, I've played good and bad examples of both.....

If the actual build of the guitars is similar then possibly the Professional....

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