Fender FMT telecaster or G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Carved Top???


I'm interested in both guitars, and can only get one. I'm having to buy them online, so I'm polling the group for opinions.



Both guitars have a lot of similarities. They are both Mahogany with a flame maple cap, both are HB loaded, similar control layouts, and finishes. The only differences so far as I can tell, are that the FMT is a set neck and has a belly contour.

I'm wanting to know if anyone has experience with either guitar, and what they thought of them. My only experience the G&L was with a Tribute ASAT Special that I really liked, just didn't get along that well with the MFD's. I've actually never owned anything Fender made, so I have no clue about that guitar at all.

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