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Fender Fuzz/Wah Re-Issue... Kay Fuzz?


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I had one as a kid in the 60's and got a re-issue version a few years ago as a gift. I'm not much of a pedal user but I do appreciate playing through a good sounding wah once in a while. To my old ears, this is the best sounding wah I have ever used. I own a Clyde Deluxe, an older version Budda, a CryBaby Classic and have had other wahs in the past. This beats them all. But like I said, being a straight in to the amp player 99.9% of the time this pedal sadly lives in a closet. I don't have much to report on the fuzz feature as it's not really of interest to me and I haven't played any other fuzz's to know what they sound like, but the times I have used it in this pedal I thought it sounded like what I would expect a good fuzz to sound like. My only other reference for a fuzz was again back in the 60's when I had a Gibson Maestro Fuzz.
The pedal is large and heavy and seems very well constructed. It has the cool feature of being able to be used as wah-fuzz or fuzz-wah, as if you changed the order of pedals on your board if they were two separate pedals. When you use the fuzz feature there is a unity gain trim control on the underside, along with the switch for F-W or W-F. Additionally, when you click on the fuzz effect, the top surface of the pedal can be moved left or right to control the volume.
As best I can recall my original, this is very much the same. I believe they have been discontinued but when last available were just a bit over $200.

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