Sold Fender G&G Tweed Case Strat/Tele


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For sale Fender G&G Tweed Hard Case in very good condition. Doesn't have any tears or funny smells, has only some minor scuffs, and has slight tape residue on one end from labeling, can be seen on right side in Picture #5. Comes with the keys and both locks function properly, as does the center latch. Has never been gigged and was stored in a climate controlled smoke-free environment.

Price is Paypal'd SOLD plus actual shipping cost to the lower continental 48 states. I'm listing it this way since UPS has such a varied rate across the U.S. for this size of package. So please PM me and we can figure out the actual shipping rate, the case will be shipped from Calif. No eChecks accepted. Not looking for any trades at this time.

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