Fender Highway One Tele vs. H1 Texas Tele


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Does the new Highway One "Texas Tele" blow away the new version of the standard "Highway One" Tele? The standard is $700 new, the Texas is $900 new. They both have similar specs but the standard has 9.5" radius while the Texas has 12". The Standard has the "greasebucket" electronics (not sure what that is) while the Texas Tele seems to have different/better pups?
Anyway, I just bought a 3TSB standard Highway One off Musician's Friend USED (listed as "like new" condition) and I used their secret "USED" promo coupon for $525 with gigbag shipped


I'm hoping it's a solid player and seems like a really good platform for some worthwhile mods. The beauty with MF is if it doesn't cut it, I send it back ;)
So now I'll have a killer 7.25 Baja (en route) that I got for a great deal on fleabay for my "blackguard, fatter maple neck fix" and this will do the Alder + nice RW board with Nitro / Satin laquer. Hopefully it'll be Tele heaven around here!


you will like the electronics!!! (reg. Hwy1)
...and you will either love or hate the bridge pickup. very versatile. it can handle some HIGH gain

the 3tone/sb is such a kick ass color w/ the nitro and all
good choice.
i have the wine color and i couldnt stand the white pickguard myself so i put a black one on it. ....it's still stock besides that. ...very good guitar.
But as soon as i get some money, i am putting a special T in the bridge.

**in order to change the pickguard, YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE NECK FIRST**
there is a lip on the fretboard/neck that hangs over the pickguard
A 7.25 Baja?

Anyway, I have a few of these Upgrade H1 Teles and I have replaced the neck on every single one of them. Just as important, the hyper-overwound A3 baseplateless stock bridge pups have all been mothballed, as well. They're worthless for the types of sounds I am looking for.


I went through this exact same debate about a month ago before buying the regular HWY 1.

I'm replacing the electronics with RS Guitarworks & have a nice Dave Mare Neck Pickup on order as well.


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the neck on the Texas version is fantastic. I own a regular H1 Tele, and the neck is much nicer on the Texan. Also, the ones I've seen seem to have either one or 2-piece bodies.

but really, it's the neck. that neck is one of the nicest feeling necks Fender makes, and that includes much more expensive guitars...

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