Fender Highway One Texas Bridge


This is one of the upgraded HW1 guitars with one piece maple neck, 12 radius and ash body. I'm wondering what size (string spacing) I need to look for in a 6 saddle tele bridge.

Why would you want a six saddle bridge?:huh
If you wanna try a Gotoh bigass 6 saddle bridge, that's not for me to say it is a mistake. Now, that "6 hammer" saddle vintage sized Fender bridge, that IS a mistake.

Btw, I would not use the term "Upgrade" in reference to any Texas Tele, even though FMIC does. The Texas Tele was not "upgraded" in the way the alder bodied Tele and Strat were. Maybe the only change on the late 2005 Texas Teles were, the circuitry may have changed and we stopped being able to find the dnm things in stock in the stores!

If I had a Texas Tele, I would put Callaham saddles or maybe a whole Callaham plate on there. More likely, saddles and a pickup change. CS No-Casters!

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