Fender Hot Rod Deluxe vs Blackstar HT-5 5W combo


Need some advice.

If you were me, will you consider trading the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe for a Blackstar HT-5 5W combo?
I use my HRD for worship & home practice (I got a attenuator) but I have some GAS for Blackstar HT-5 5W combo due to its smaller size and tone (& cool look). I use 335, tele, & LP _ some pedals. I use clean channel 90% of the time with my HRD because of dirt channels suck (IMO).
Is it worth the switch? Mainly worship songs, blues are what I usually play. Thanks.


I'm mainly a blues player and also play in the praise band at the church I attend. I do have a Blackheart 5 watt amp but wouln't really consider using it with the band. I sometime use my HRD which works out just fine. I also use a SCXD at times. I run the amps clean and usually have an overdrive pedal going. I have tried the Blackheart during practice and figured it really just wouldn't work with a packed church. The group I play with has become mainly a blues band that happens to play praise tunes.


you can mod the HRDx, omega modes will improve the drive channels tones


my presonal mod has been to use JJs 6v6 tubes, they around $18 each as I recall, I put a dummy plug in the extension speaker jack to get the bias right, checked the bias an it was right on that way.


the 6v6 will make amp a 22 watt amp if you wanting to lower the power, I do that and channel 2 which has 6dB attenuator when I and to lower the volume, and get into a usable volume control region.

if you want to check the bias its really easy on the HRDx


JJ's 6v6 is the only 6v6 tube that will work, the others can not handle the plate voltage.


I just got an HT-5 and really like it. I'm really impressed with this little amp - a steal at the price. No reverb but has an effects loop, which works very well with my T-rex replica. It also takes pedals in the front well. I got the mini stack and while those 1x10 cabs sound pretty decent cranked (after a little break-in) they lack some bass and sizzle. The head sounds great through a cab with V30's!

But I'd say if your mainly using your HRD for cleans or slightly overdriven cleans then stay with the HRD. The HT-5 excels in distortion channel (70's -90's; classic rock, hard rock and metal). The clean channel is decent but not very Fenderish and doesn't have much headroom but if you have a good PA you can mic it. The clean sounds a bit sterile to me but a very, very light touch of some quality chorus makes it a bit more lively and organic.

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