Fender Mustang II or Marshall MG15CF?


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Which has better tone? Feel?
I tend to like Marshall classic rock tone.
I have nice tube amps.
Don't suggest other amps.


Better off trying the modelling forum I think.

In my opinion all amps sound good these days, especially in the right hands. Just a matter of finding the specs/features that suit you.

Uli Jon Blackmore

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I have the Mustang 3 (along with a Plexi, ENGL, and AC30) and feel that some of the preset sound really good. Most need to be tweaked to sound legit but this is really easy once you get the hang of it. With some practice you can make a great sounding amp tone. I feel that it does best at very clean and moderate to very dirty better than edge of breakup sounds but those are very good as well for a modeling amp. The Mustang is really a great late night amp when you just can not turn up your tube amp (even with scaling/attenuation) enough to sound good. It also has a host of effects and variables making it very pleasant to use.

I know you said to no suggest other amps but I really do suggest getting the 3 or 4. I wish I had gone with the 4 myself. The 3 at least, the extra controls and better speaker make for a much better amp.
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Between the two, I vote Mustang II. The factory presets are too much, but you can get some good tones out of this one if you roll your own. My biggest complaint is the need to have a computer for heavier editing. I like the amp, but ultimately demoted it due to the hassle.

Adding a speaker out jack is easy and IMO, and it sounded better through a cab with fairly flat response speakers. Fun and cheap for variety. I tend to prefer open backs, so some of what I like may just be getting away from the closed up M II. To me, it just sounds much bigger and fuller though an open 1x12.

I tried a MG15 at the store a while back, and just couldn't find the tones I was looking for. I thought the Mustang or Zoom G5 could get closer to that big Marshall tone, at least to my ears. That's probably just me though. I'm sure others love 'em.

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