Fender Mustang III Amp question


I can't seem to get anywhere with Fuse or the Fender Forums.

So: What amp is the American 90's amp model based on?

Is it a Mesa-Boogie? A Dumble? Doesn't sound like a Roland Jazz Chorus but the model does have chorus.

Is there a Dumble model?

Is the Black Box overdrive supposed to be a Rat?

The Green Box seems to be a TS.

How about the regular Overdrive pedal...what's that? That's actually my favorite overdrive pedal on the Mustang III.



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Thanks! That's what I thought.

If you wanted to create a Dumble model, where would you start? With which amp model?
You can't create models. You can USE models though. Dumble is not one of them.


Agree - Supersonic with one of the Supersonic cabs has that singing lead tone. Sort of like Santana.

The Bassman can also be used like below for a singing tone.

59 Bassman with the bassman 410 cab and the greenbox (tube screamer model) on by default. I set the greenbox with volume all the way up and gain all the way off as a clean boost and treble around 1:00-2:00. This adds mids that tighten up the low end which like a real bassman is otherwise farty. It also adds a little gain because with gain on 10 the bassman has only enough for 60's rock levels of distortion at most. I set the blend and presence to 10 and sag in the middle setting with bias all the way up. Treble about 2:00, mid around 10:00, and bass a little less than 1/2 way.

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