Fender Palomino?


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There is a 1970 or '71 available about 45 mins away and I'm thinking about going to play it. Anyone have any experience with these?

P.S. I'm trying to figure out a way to post the facebook marketplace link, but for some reason I'm not able to.


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I have one from the late 60s, I forget the date stamp in the neck cavity. It is a full bodied sounding acoustic with a neck that has some electric guitar tendencies. It is pretty well balanced on a strap and projects nicely. Mine has a crack in the top and has developed an overtone on the open B string. The bridge is unusual for an acoustic and so check that out when you inspect the guitar.


A friend in college had one. He grandfather was a somewhat well know country artist. My friend had grandad’s guitar, it was what I now know to be a Fender Palomino. I believe he said is was from the 60’s.
I remember being surprised that it sounded so good with the the huge steel rod in the middle. I was not knowledgeable at the time to speak to the feel or build, there was no Gear Page yet so I had yet to learn about things like ‘haunting minds’.
I thought it looked strange with the strat headstock, gold pick guard and of course the big hunk of steel in the middle.


I want to say the only pre-CBS version of these guitars was the King which was available with a rosewood body. I believe they were all designed by a guy who had worked for Ric. This line definitely had the cool thing going for it but the combination of the bolt-on necks and broomstick brace really were not the best thought out ideas. Many of us simply dismissed them. A while back though a friend who owns a small vintage guitar shop got a Kingman in giving me a chance to revisit them. Not sure what it was but it did not sound near as band as I remembered.
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I've had this one since the mid 70's. Nicely balanced, very loud and she gets a lot of double takes. Lately I've been seeing them for sale on "Reverb" for around $1000+ depending on condition.

1967-68 Palomino


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