fender performer - anyone got one?

Mike Dresch

Silver Supporting Member
I've got one, but the only thing that resembles that guitar is the body shape. Let's just say, I've learned a lot about luthiery and guitar repair/modification on my Performer:

Things I've changed?

New headstock (yes, that's the original neck with more wood added and cut to match an ESP strat style headstock). Black finish added to the headstock as well.

New pickguard with new pickups (proprietary DiMarzios that came out of an old Yamaha Weddington Custom)

Floyd Rose added along with locking nut and string tree

New electronics and switching. Also had to do some routing to accomodate the pickups, or should I say, chiseling, I did it when I was 18, I'm 37 now and wish I would have had a proper router back then, or even a Dremel. This guitar has always had some magic to it though..... I learned most of what I know about guitar in my formative years on it.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I refretted it last year :)

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