Fender Pro Junior Issues (volume drop)

Hey everyone, my stupid amp has been acting up and well it first started when I bought it. I got it off the Guitar Center website in "mint condition". It got here and long story short, I plugged the amp in to power it up (without anything plugged in) and there was this horrible buzzing sound. I left it until it got really annoying so I took it to a tech in my city and he changed a preamp tube which didn't fix it. So I I kept playing it at church up until 2 weeks ago it started getting worse. Whenever I would strum chords hard, the volume would go down dramatically and jump back up for a second then keep doing the same thing with a horrible static sound all at the same time. So today I changed all my tubes to new tung sols I ordered online and well all of the static sound went away but the volume drop still happens. Anyone know how to fix it? Cheap too, I am a college student...lol. I must say that I swapped out the stock speaker with a celestion g10-40 I'm sure that isn't the problem because I had my friend which is a pro audio guy install it for me. HELP ME PLEASE IM TIRED OF USING A SOLID STATE AMP FOR CHURCH!!!!
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