Fender Pure Vintage 59 pickups

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    May 7, 2015
    I own a set of these for about a year now.
    I bought this set for a '54 reissue strat - ash body and a very resonant guitar tonewise.
    The sound is very live and kind of bright, but very musical, not earpiercing bright. Sweet sounds.
    The reading is about Dc 5.9 for all of them and they do not have the middle reverse polarity pickup, so they are all the same pickup in all posicions and thats fine by me, I no longer stress too much about the hum, I accept the idiosyncrasies of vintage style single coils and also I think it's part of the charm. - all great recordings are filled of old hum and glitches etc..we somehow got a little too hung up on cleaning everything up. Just relax and play the best you can.

    This pickups are very articulated and vintage sounding, they are simple and sound great. I no longer believe on boutique handwound pickups to be a must. A Roger Myer interview talking about hendrix pickups ( and pickups in general) relaxed me a bit about that stuf, and how far overboard one can go chasing something that's supposed to be on the musician. As long as its a well made pickup, with the right amount of turns, parts and assembly, its good enough. On my 62 reissue strat, I had some bare knuckle pickups (irish Tour set) and I played the same music on both guitars and I was equally inspired.

    I installed the PV 59 set on my 54 reissue for a while. I pulled the trigger on this 59 set because I wanted to try fender vintage spec stuff, low output and.. keep it in the brand - I was impressed.

    In fact, I liked the results so much that I decided to go lower output vintage style pickups on both guitars. So I pulled out the hotter bridge Irish tour, and mixed both sets up, also I added an old seymour duncan ssl1(rwrp) I had laying around and both guitars are now
    like this:

    Bridge and middle: the bare knuckle IT neck and middle (they were the same pickup and vintage dc reading)
    Neck: Fender PV 59

    Bridge: Seymour Duncan SSL1 (rwrp) (because it was a tinny bit hotter)
    Neck and middle: Fender PV 59

    Each guitar is now nicely ballanced. Both guitars have the same precieved output. I use both guitars on rehearsals and live gigs (clubs and blues festivals) and I'm more than happy.
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