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Fender Pure Vintage 64 Tele set


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Twangy. I'm using a Muleskinner amp, '57 replica Tele, EQ Cables, Digitech Hardwire Reverb, and a Barber Gain Changer.

July 2020 / Here's a more recent vid of the PV64 tele set with a '65 non-reverb Deluxe amp, '59 replica Tele, EQ Cables, Bearfoot Model G+, Bearfoot Honey Beest, & Digitech Hardwire Reverb pedal.

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Late to the party on this...but I stumbled upon your demo earlier today and after hearing these pickups (and great playing) I ordered a pair for my Tele build. I was hoping for some Mare Hayrides, but they aren't in the budget right now. I think the Pure 64's will get me into Don Rich territory just fine. Thanks for posting this!


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These videos are great. Love watching you play dude.

I played the strat PV 59's for about a year and loved them, got some 64 teles in the mail. Hoping they sound like yours. I'm moving down from Texas Specials which are darker and more compressed sounding than the mojotone underwound PAFs I have

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