Fender Road Worn ?

They have the Ping vintage tuners, not the Gotohs the American guitars use.

They have "vintage" as opposed to "american vintage' bridge assemblies, meaning the less expensive import source used on MIM Deluxes and Classics, as opposed to the AV ones found on Custom Shop models, thin skin and AV models, and on the Jimmie Vaughan.

Maybe the rosewood board is the way around the seriously phony look of the maple fretboard, where the 9-12 frets are miraculously preserved but the 19th and 20th fret area is worn down to wood under the 'A' string. Yeah, right.


I agree Boris. That maple wear wouldn't normally be a big deal because I'll wear it in nice, but with 6105 frets, you won't get any finger wear and the guitar will keep that half sanded/half new look for a long time to come.

The bridge and tuners would be an easy swap and I'd definitely do that if I found a great sounding RW. Unless it was so special sounding, I wouldn't want to touch a screw....yeah right!

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