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"fender satin necks"


Hi all,

I use an American Standard tele, maple neck and board, and it's the satin finished type.

My question is this:

This is my workhorse guitar and it's the only one I gig and rehearse with, I already have some wear and tear on the neck after only a year of use.

Should I buy a backup neck for later in case they are not available, or do these necks typically last for a while?




Just play and enjoy your guitar.

Think of all the Fender necks that are 50 years old and still being used regularly. It's maple. The stuff is nearly indestructable.

With regular maintenance and maybe a fret job someday, you'll be playing that thing when you're old and feeble. Provided, of course, you keep it that long.


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and don't use something like Martin Polish to clean up the gunk that collects on the back of the neck, just use a soft cotton rag. that polish will make your neck nasty and sticky, ugh. much worse than just leaving it alone.

Shawn S.

My favorite guitar is an '00 American Deluxe Strat. The finish on the neck is nice, it feels really great, and not sticky it is also the satin finish. I've been playing it heavy since I bought it new, and it doesn't show any signs of wear, only the neck is getting a bit glossier than what it used to. They are a polyurethane finish, I don't think it's going to break down and be unplayable at all, for a very long time - with a lot of playing on it.

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