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Can anyone identify these speakers? Seller says he can't find any markings, and I can't find any speakers that look like these online. TIA




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Agreed. The odd thing is the magnets with the mesh don't match up with any eminence speaker I can find (or any other brand used by fender for that matter).


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Yeah, I'd say Emminence, too. The mesh is a mark of a large voice coil, long excursion speaker, so maybe for a bass amp? The cones look so pretty I have to guess recones. Which makes them not worth a whole bunch of money?

J M Fahey

Frames look like Rola/Jensen Chicago made speakers.

The Mutter Company owned two factories:Jensen proper and Rola ,both in Chicago.

Jensen proper closed , and production/machinery was transferred to the other plant, where they supplied "Fender" speakers for years ... very much like yours.
Twins used them for a long time.
In my view, both speakers were basically the same, average quality commercial speakers (hey, good enough for Leo), were built with the same basic recipe (same frames and 38mm voice coils, same cones, same ~130mm magnets, etc.) , only difference Rolas didn´t carry the "magic Mojo" association, although they definitely were used by killer players who didn´t obsess about speaker brand, simply bought a Twin and cranked it, period.

Inside they might have any of the "supplier of the year" , think "lowest bidder of the year" who still met basic Leo specs, so Jensen/Rola/Utah/CTS/you-name-it ; frames varied too: 6 spoke as this one, 4 spoke, multi slotted ones, etc.

One year even EV got the job, go figure .... not heavy magnet cast frame top of the line models but cheaper stamped frame ones such as these ones ... or Leo would not have approved the contract.

Look all over the frame, even on mounting edge , for a small rubber-stamped code: 220 means Jensen, 285 Rola, check EIA code lists for CTS or earlier Eminence.

A couple times the stamp was applied on cardboard gasket, in that case it would disappear with reconing, unless old gasket was reused.

What I find very unusual in a *Guitar* speaker is the bumped plate and as mentioned above, the large metal grill covered vent, both typical of *large* voice coils in high power speakers, maybe 2" voice coils? (Twin speaker ones were 1.5" , much smller) so these might originally come from high power Bass or PA speakers.

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