Fender Strat - Nickel plated or Stainless Steel Screws?

I'm installing new pickups and pots and figured I would build a whole new pickup assembly rather than tear apart the whole existing one. The guitar is a Fender custom shop Wildwood 10 '59 Strat. I was wondering what's on the guitar now, stainless steel or nickel plated screws? What would be correct for vintage? And is there any benefit of one versus the other? I was thinking nickel plated would be nice since it would age better with the guitar. Input?


Honestly, a vintage Fender could of had anything under the sun. Leo did not sweat the small stuff and often went to the Lola hardware store for small items. Nickel is what most are and will age appropriately.
I can find Nickel pickup screws but not for the 5 way switch. I hear some people say they are the same screws and probably the thread size is the same. However, I noticed on my Fenders the switch screw is shorter and has a flatter head. Any idea where I can get good nickel screws to match the ones on my switch too? And if I go to a general hardware store, how do I tell if it's nickel or stainless?


There's a guy on Ebay who sells complete nickel screw kits for Telecasters. He might have some for a Strat.

I never go anywhere but to Ebay for these kinds of items.

You should be able to tell just by looking whether it's nickel, chrome or stainless. And I think the stainless is not magnetic so you might take a magnet with you.

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