Fender Super Sonic 60 pros and cons


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When I was looking at getting the first supersonic 60 a good while back, here is what kept me away, before I even tried one:

Head didn't have reverb
Bassman and Vibrolux on clean channel, I saw a lot of talk about one being too bright and the other being too dark
Very touch volume knob
Inconsistent, seemed to be a lot of variation.

For less money, I ended up with a Bandmaster Reverb and SF Bassman head. I have since sold the silverface bassman.

I do want to try the new SS60 and the SS22 at some point. I don't make it to music stores very often though, they are all a good drive from my house. There are plenty of people on this board who have tried and owned a SS60, so hopefully they will chime in.

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