Fender Supersonic


Any fans?I've got the combo that i use around the house,not a bad amp really.I don't hear too much buzz about it anymore.You think fender is going to keep making them?


I gigged with a Supersonic for a little over 4 months. I liked it a lot. My only issue was trying to achieve a nice balance between the two clean tones. The Vibrolux side was a bit too bright and the Bassman side a bit too dull, lacking the Fender sparkle. I actually really liked the gain channel. In fact our band recorded our entire CD with it. Here's how it sounded in the studio:

I have since moved on to a '59 Bassman LTD. With the ability to jumper the channels I now have the perfect blend of "bright" and "normal" when playing clean. For dirt I use a Crunch Box. All in all this rig works great when live. The only issue is at gigs where I am mic'd. It is difficult to get the 50 watts to reach the sweet spot. I am anxiously awaiting the new Egnater Rebel 30 in hopes that it will become my new gigging amp at clubs that insist on mic'ing me. I will continue to use the Bassman for larger gigs. I love that amp!!


I dug mine. I kind of wish I kept it! Might want to try a nice NOS 12AU7 in the V2. They are cheap enough. It will reduce the volume of the clean channels so they arent super loud by 1 on the knob. Bob


It's cheaply built, uses a tone of tubes, and doesn't have enough low end. I woudln't trust it enough to gig with, even though I had one for 3 months without any problems. It's just cheaply made.

I thought the build quality was fine. What did you find built poorly? Im not sure what you meant by this either? -"uses a tone of tubes" Bob


personally i find it the overdrive channel sounds better with humbuckers,but for cleans single coil's and hums sound equally good.this amp has gotten a bit of a bad rap but with a little tweaking i think it's a half way decent amp.:dunno


Just got a used one...really lots of fun to play...

I REALLY like the Vibrolux clean paired with my Small Stone phaser, just by itself not so much.

The Bassman clean is a great tone, for a 1x12 it sounds convincing, but of course not the same as a real 4x10 Bassman amp. This channel takes dirt pedals pretty well too.

The Burn channel has a really good, dirty, tone. It is not exactly a broken up TWEED tone, and not exactly the bark of a MARSHALL (like a Rivera or other combo would provide)...somewhere in between.

Yes, there is a volume difference when switching between the Vibrolux and Bassman...not a huge issue, but annoys the hell out of some.

The reverb is decent/good...not the best Fender has offered but still nice.

The switchable effects loop is an AWESOME feature. If you install a jumper (patch cord) and turn up the send and return levels it functions as a handy volume/clean boost. If you reduce the levels it has a similar effect as an attenuator...good tones at less volume. That lone Vintage 30 speaker can get plenty LOUD!


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I liked the overdrive channel. The Bassman channel was ok but not as good as a real Bassman of course, the Vibrolux channel stunk. I wish Fender made a pedal to give you that overdrive because the amp kind of sucks beyond that.

It's cheaply built, uses a tone of tubes, and doesn't have enough low end. I woudln't trust it enough to gig with, even though I had one for 3 months without any problems. It's just cheaply made.

Back to the overdrive, oh my God! I love it. Like I said, if someone could box that overdrive up and put it into a pedal, I would buy it.

My opinion is if you like the sound, buy it. Don't pay more than $800 in mint condition or more than $900 new. They can be had all day on Ebay at those prices.

This claim is very untrue. It is a "pro-tube" series amp. It's built with the same specs as the vintage reissues...meaning the tubes are chassis mounted. A very reliable design. And the cabinet is pine. These amps are built like tanks.

I changed my pre-amp tubes to rca and tung sols, and my power tubes to GE NOS replicas (the groove tubes) and it gets cleans like a twin and takes pedals better. I get seriously sick cleans out of this amp...

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