Fender Telecaster-good quality?


That looks like a nice Tele and it's not too expensive, either.

Get out to your local shop and play as many as you can. Tone, playability and comfort level can vary from guitar to guitar. The specific model isn't as important as which one fits your style and needs.

Have fun with it.

Good luck in your search
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I had a MIM and was pretty pleased with it once I swapped the pickups out and put in a 4-way switch (subsequently replaced it with a partscaster). I played a bunch at the two big music stores near me, and the playability ranged quite a bit so, as gkoelling said, try to play a bunch so you can pick out the best of the lot. I particularly like the natural ash finish you're looking at....


As said before, try them out first. Quality varies guitar-to-guitar. It is mostly pieces of wood mated w/ metal parts. Not all wood is grown the same and not all metal is made the same either. Rates of expansion/contraction vary piece to piece as does water vapor absorbtion/drying (wood expands as it absorbs moisture out of the air when it's humid, as well as heating/cooling). Sometimes, hopefully, all the parts work well together & keep fairly stable in relation to each other. Other times, unfortunately, you get a bunch of parts that don't play (fit) together well, and aren't very stable as a unit. That will cause tuning problems & effect sustain, volume, & tone as stressed-out wood doesn't vibrate as freely. etc., etc., etc., ad naseum...

I tried out a dozen or more teles before I found the "one" for me. Don't be in a rush & you'll find "your" tele.

happy hunting

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