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Fender Toronado


This guy has one up on craigslist and I'm wondering what would be a good price to pay for this guitar. Pretty sure it's a MIM model, one of the later ones, but I'm mainly saying that based on the pickguard. It needs a little electrical work done but I would be planning on swapping out the electronics anyway and probably the pickups too. Anyone have any experience with these guitars and/or have an idea how much I should pay for this thing?


Make sure it intonates properly. A friend of mine had one that I worked on a few years back. There was not enough travel in the saddles to get it to properly intonate. I had to move the bridge.


Senior Member
wow...a post on a Fender Toronado!

I bought one of the first year models...a nice sunburst. about 3 years later the neck got replaced for free from Fender...it had a terrible bow. The new neck wasn't quite the same but it was OK. I replaced the fender pickups...the Atomic II's...which were quite adequate. The GHS pickups I swapped were not my thing...

anyhow, the guitar is cool but it is definately not a les paul. I traded the guitar for a Guild acoustic.


I don't know about the MIM one's but this "American Special Deluxe" is an awesome instrument. I did swap out the Fender P90's for a Duncan Vintage/Hot set just for a little more rudeness.:rockin

Peace. J.J.B.

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