Fender Twin pre-amp & Bassman pre-amp?!


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I'm using a Silverface Fender Twin and I love how the pre-amp EQ controls allow so much bass into the input... when boosted hard it can make the amp 'fart out' some kind of blocking distortion...

What I want to know is, with the Silverface Bassman heads, do the pre-amp eq controls work in the same way??

Ie, do you need to 'cut' lots of the bass on the amp to allow the amp to not fart out??

I want it to 'fart out' like my Twin does when I have the bass on full and bassy/loud pedals pedals going in...

I know that for examples Marshalls dont fart out because a ton of bass is cut out on the input to the circuit.


There's too many variables in play. Pickups, strings, speakers, picks, guitar, electrolytics, and tubes can all lead to an amp "farting out" I can tell you right now that the non master volume bassman heads don't have as much bass as the other 2 silver face bassman heads.

If you can't get the bass to come through like a twin, I recommend a parametric eq or a boost pedal with a bass knob.

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