Fender Vintage Bridge Reissue saddle height screws


I have a JM sig Strat and one of the saddle height screws is stripped. I need to replace it. It takes a 0.050 hex tool to adjust the screws. I can not figure out what replacement I need and where to get them. Please assist.

Thank you.
Those are 4-40, two different lengths.

Check out the Callaham Guitars website for good direction on how many of which sizes/lengths to use in most setups. Of course every S guitar differs a little - you may need a few more a bit longer or shorter.

The Killer is your shipping cost. You could almost justify just replacing all the saddles, to make the shipping cost less overwhelming.

Not many years ago, your local True Value or Ace "genuine" hardware store would stock these. Thx (no thanks!!) to Home Depot and Lowe's, this seems more and more unusual. If you live somewhere with a old timer curmudgeon hardware store with a big stock of old imperial sized hardware, you could be in luck!

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