Fickle effects... and not so fickle. Nominate.


Hi peeps,

So being a fella that plays both guitar, bass and a bit of keys, having a pedalboard that fits for all is a challenge.

Thing is, some effects just do their job well, whereas others are always a little bit *almost* > there's always just one little facet of how they interact with other pedals, or a limitation that has me moving them on.
But others just play well with everything, no matter where you put them in the signal chain.
> For example, my wah of choice, a 105Q Crybaby Wah, has been on my board since '98, love the bastard, although I have modded it quite a bit, but it just does well and plays with other pedals very well too.
Whereas almost every fuzz pedal I've ever tried has some little point of difference that gives me the *****, like for example I can't use more than 1/3 gain or the pedal square waves, or the tone knob is useless etc etc.
Please don't ask how many fuzz pedals I've been through...

Point of this thread > Nominate a Pedal that is an all-out all-star that plays well with anything and everything, and also nominate a fickle little s.o.b. that sounds great, but is a real moody bitch when you try it with different pedals.


My nominations;
Good: MI Audio Tubezone
Fickle: MXR Phase 90 (great tone, can't handle a hot bass signal without mods)

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