Finally found exactly what I was looking for.


Finally found exactly what I was looking for:

For twelve years I hauled around an Eden 410XLT cab (98lbs)
and a Peavey Firebass 700 head (50+ lbs)

I quit playing about 2 1/2 years ago and part of the reason was getting tired of moving equipment.

Well I'm all fired up about playing bass again a recently added an American Standard Percision bass to go along with my American Standard Jazz and Ibanez ATK300.

I decided to find a light, compact rig that I could toss in the trunk of the car. From past experience I know that if you are playing in a venue any bigger than a shoe box you are going a have decent PA support so I was looking for something to give me a good DI out and enough power for a medium sized cab. I ended up buying and Eden ENX260 amp (3.5lbs) but was having trouble deciding on a singe cab to go with it. The Eden only puts out 180watts at 8 ohms..... 260 at 4 ohms. I tried a Traynor TC210 2x10 cab which had a decent sound that was a little reminiscent of the Eden 410XLT I had (the sound of 10's I guess). I was able to get a nice sound dialed in using my ATK300 (3 band EQ). But when I plugged the P-Bass in it just didn't had the vintage bottom end thump that I was looking for.

I decided that I need a 1x15 box to get what I was after. The specs for the SVT-15E looked good and it's rated for 200watts which is a good match for the 180 watts at 8 ohms of the ENX260.

I gave it a try and it worked like a charm. Nice big, tight bottom thump from the P-Bass now. The Ampeg cab goes on the trunk of the car and must way a lot less than 72lbs. Feels similar to the Traynor 210 which is suppose to be 55lbs.

This is exactly what I wanted. I can easily lug this off to a jam session or practice and actually bring it back home when I done. And the tone is bang on what I wanted.

Picture of rig is hear

Congratulations! That should make things a lot easier, and sound great too. My own rig is getting progressively smaller as I'm getting older...right now I'm using one of those tiny GK amps with a small 15 cab, and if I'm playing upright I'm usually just using the GK. My spine perfers this setup.

Jason Myers

I've been using that same cab for probably 12 or so now. I upgraded the speaker a couple of years ago (original finally bought the farm) to an emi kappa and it sounds even better.