FINALLY found the right wah for me!


After years and years of buying and discarding wahs, on a whim I tried the Fulltone Clyde Deluxe on the Wacked setting, and there it was. From the first note I played on it I knew this was it. I wanted a deep, throaty (deepthroaty?) wah, which I have heard described as "vomity", and that's just what this is. There is also a "Jimi" setting which is a great 60's Vox sound, and a "Shaft" setting with less frequency extremes.

I get frustrated with wah demo videos, as too many of them are played clean, by less-experienced players, and that's not what I want it for. I'm a classic rock/contemporary blues guy, and I wanted one I could make talk. I get excited all over again every time I play it. I've never made a video or a demo, wouldn't even know how to load one on the computer, but, man, am I tempted. Go listen to Robben Ford's "You Cut Me to the Bone" on, and you'll see what I mean. He used a Morley for that cut, but that's the sound I wanted. The Fulltone sounds even better.

The construction is first-rate, it has a buffer and an input volume control, a 9v input, and even has a trimmer inside to adjust low end response. I haven't even tried it (yet). A tip: I removed the rubber feet, replaced the screws, put some velcro on and it sits perfectly on my pedal board.

If you are in the market for a wah, you owe it to yourself to try one. It might seem expensive, but worth every penny. I paid more for a Teese, and it was awful, and got noisy. I tried a number of wahs recently at GC, and for instance, the Joe Bonamassa wah felt lightweight and cheap. The wah was so short a sweep as to be unusable. I can't recommend the Fulltone any more highly.



I ended my wah search when I got a Wilson Funk Factory. Love it!

The Fulltone was a very close second for me.


Had my Clyde deluxe since the day it came out and I will never let it go. I've played hundreds of shows with it. And sprayed the pot out a few times but that's it. I am currently using the amt WH-1 but it's no Clyde, it is a fine wah and fuzz friendly ;)


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Nice to hear you found your wah sound! It's an important sound to find for those of us who use wah alot.

I just got a Clyde Standard to compare to my Wilson Signature. Also have a CAE MC404 on its way to see which I like the best and to find my wah sound.

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