Finally saw TESTAMENT LIVE!!!!


I,ve been a huge fan since the late 80's...and finally saw them live last night....the concert ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!

I swore I,d never go in the mosh pit....but came out of retirement one last time:rockin Damn its tru the bigger they are they harder they fall!!:beer

Seeing the Native Blood video really hit home for me.

I,m from the Siksika Reserve here in Alberta. It was tough growing up as a kid...but my adopted parents Never gave up on me...NEVER!!!

I,m going back to school to become an EMT...I had a great opportunity working as a EMR on the reserve a few times....Awesome experience!!

Our drummer joined me as well....wasnt really exposed to TESTAMENT....judging by todays jam....he is now!!!

Chuck Billy......Awesome singer!!!....gave 110% and I got to shake his hand while he was singing!!!!!!!:thud


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