Find me a pedal that "duplicates" this tone...(bazan/pedro the lion content)

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It's funny... When I saw them on tour for this record, the guitar player was using a Vox Valvetronix amp. This exact tone was coming from it. Well... Dave's bass part stacks on top of it, making it sound way fatter just like you hear on the recording, but... Yeah. One of my favorite bands ever.

I'd use (and have...) a PTD Bone Machine - or MiniBone - to simulate it.


dude. valvetronix? hilarious.i know that he uses whatever is around. I just saw them a few months ago and Dave was using some sort of boutique tube amp and a epiphone SG ...that they ended up giving away to a fan for a contest....(pedals were BoR, RC booster, tuner) and holy lord they were tight as a 3 piece.


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yeah, i remember at Cornerstone one year Bazan was using a Jagmaster. They were having some techincal issues and he just decided to take some questions from the audience. Someone asked about his guitar and he said, "it's a Fender Squier Jagmaster. It cost $269." ~or something like that.

i gotta give props to artists who use whatever and still make great music.

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