Finish flaking on SGJ neck


I'm not familiar with the kind of "rubbed" finish that's on these new Gibsons so I'd like to seek some help on this. Acquired this last year as my first gibson and it's a wonderful player, my only issue is that some pinprick chips appeared on the back of the neck that reveal raw wood underneath. Just applying light pressure with my thumbnail is enough to break off more of the finish and enlarge the hole.

Anyone with one of the new J gibsons encountered this problem? How would I go about mending it? Was thinking of just taping or glueing over it but I anticipate a chunk of the finish would come off together instead.


Mars Rover

I have a USA made guitar with a Nitro finish from the mid 1980's and half of the finish just on the back of the neck is gone, down to bare wood. About ten years ago little bumps started to appear, more like bubbles because you could push on them and they moved. Then they started to split, the finish would curl up and the edges were sharp making the guitar unplayable. I chased these bubbles case by case for a couple of years trying various things just to make the neck feel better. Got tired of doing this so I stuck tape to the surface, pulled up the tape and half of the finish came off. I knocked off some more loose lacquer with the edge of a pick. Got to the point were the remaning finish was stuck tight and then used fine sandpaper to smooth the edges of the remaining finish. Feels fine now but I'm going to get it refinished, about a $125 job. A refin may be your only option but yours may be under warranty?


There's no real way to 'mend' it without refinishing it. It needs a thicker, more durable finish using sanding sealer and 10-12 more coats of lacquer if you don't want it flaking off....which is something Gibson isn't doing on most guitars under $1000 these days. Some folks would just scrape it down to the bare wood. Others would have it re-done.

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