Finish peeling-ish?



So this is happening on the back of my strat, and under my pickguard a bit as well which I noticed this week when I had it off. (Pictures are as thumbnails so you can look at the huge ones closely enough to see well what I mean)

Is this like a sweater unravelling where it only gets worse? I mean, I don't care that there is blemishes on the guitar, I'm never selling it, I'm planning on beating it up for YEARS to come, and I would love a bit of charachter on my instrument, but preferably from playing and not from the finish just peeling right off. Especially coming out from under the pickguard. :messedup

Any advice on how to stop this from increasing or why it happened (is it possible this could be a low humidity thing or something?) is appreciated! Thanks!


Theoretically if the wood had moisture inside of it, and you were in a dry climate, then it could cause something like this to happen. I thought that wood for guitar bodies was typically kiln dried. I know more about coatings in general than I do about guitar finishing.


It looks like finish delamination to me. Like the top coats are separating from the sealer. This usually happens when the sealer is not scuffed before topcoating. As the wood expands and contracts the paint begins to separate. The fix? I usually use a insulin needle and inject a clear finish in there to bond the 2 back together. Hopefully if is only going to happen in a few spots. You may end up chasing it for a while and end up with pockets inaccessible.

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