Fire Studio Mobile in conjunction with Garage Band


Reverb Junkie
Recently, I bought a PreSonus Fire Studio Mobile, to use in conjunction with Garage Band on my Mac. Trouble is, I've no idea where to start. I want to lay down some backing tracks to use when I have my weekly lesson with my vocal coach.

Got registered, user account established, etc, etc. But how do you actually use the thing? Is there an online tutorial you'd recommend? I must be computer challenged, because I still haven't figured out Garage Band, after several months with a Mac.



Your Mac should recognize it immediately. After that go to the little Apple icon in your top left corner and click on it. Choose "System Preferences" then choose "Sound". Go to "Input" and select the Presonus. That sets your input as the Presonus instead of your built in mic. You should then be able to go GarageBand and arm your track for recording and whatever your recording (vocals, guitar) will be going in to GarageBand. I haven't used GB in quite some time (Logic Pro now) but there are tons of presets for guitar and bass amps and vocals.

Hope that helps. if your looking for something more specific I can go in to garageband and try to figure it out for you.

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