First Act "Alnico 52" pickups?


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I'm pretty sure these are from their import SFA line, not the cheap Walmart guitars or the expensive custom shop stuff. They were in the SFA Sheena, Delia, and Lola (though the Sheena had a single coil P90-ish version in the neck rather than the humbucker one) and they supposedly were made by Kent Armstrong. I bought a few guitars from that line when First Act was blowing them out for $99 several years ago, though I think they normally sold in the $300 or $400 range before that. They were in the range, quality wise, of Epiphone's standard line.

I actually was quite impressed with the pickups. Here's a short demo I did of the SFA Sheena back then that will give you a sense of the bridge pickup tone. The neck pickup in that model is the single coil version, so not what you have.

The annoying thing about them is that you do have to use the stock rings with them as they don't fit in standard humbucker rings.


Great answer, thank you! And you're right about the rings. I have one, need another. Anyone got one to sell me? Thanks again.

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