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I'm guessing most people on here already know that First Act had a USA custom shop, but if not, they did! They had some pretty talented guys working there too, and some even came over from the Gibson custom shop. The custom shop closed down last year, so these USA models are no longer available for purchase.
I have two custom shop models and they are just as good, if not better than any Gibson I've personally played.

This Lola is in excellent condition and it sounds and plays fantastic. It comes with a TKL hardshell case and the original documents from the factory, including the certificate of authenticity. It was played lightly at home and never gigged. No real wear to speak of, and it even has the plastic still on the back control cover. The pickups are P-90 style and made by Kent Armstrong. This thing can rock hard or get some gorgeous cleans.

As far as trades goes, I am only looking for a nice semi-hollow.
Interested in the following:

First Act Custom Shop Delia
Godin Montreal Premiere
Edwards 335
and maybe something else interesting

If you are interested in a purchase, $800 shipped. PM me with questions. I also have another custom shop model listed. Get one before they are gone!


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