First demo - Tele - Eternity Clone - GarageBand

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    Mar 2, 2005
    Hi all, this is my first attempt at recording with GarageBand. Just made a couple minute clip and then a short clip of the Eternity Burst clone that I built running straight into the AC30 model in GarageBand.
    Tele is an MJT 62 custom, with Don Mare STelly neck pickup and El Black Krow bridge pickup. Probably my favorite guitar that I've ever owned.

    Forgive the sloppiness, my first recording wasn't a smart one (done 30 minutes after a Super Bowl party). I'm hoping to record a little more with GarageBand this weekend. I really love this pedal and it nails the tones that I've been after for a while now. First clip has a touch of reverb added, second clip has some delay added about halfway through. The second clip shows a little more of the dynamics of the pedal. It really overdrives nicely with a light touch, but then gives the goods when I dig in. I never touched the settings on the pedal (all at noon) or my guitar volume which was at about 90%.

    Anyway, clips and a pic of the pedal:



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