First DRRI today - reverb = dead

Reverb knob is scratchy as hell. No reverb. Took the tank out, tried new RCA wires. When I hit the tank, you can hear it through the speakers. Disconnect tank, still noise. The noise is like when you leave a live guitar cable on the floor. As you turn up the reverb, the noise gets louder. I tried one new 12AT7 in V3, no luck, then tried it in V4, no luck. Unless both 12TA7's are bad, and I only could find 1 lying around.

WTF so pissed. Wish I knew how to troubleshoot, I hate paying other people to fix ****. I have a volt meter. Have been soldering for years, but unfortunately I have no idea what I'm doing. I don't want to get zapped.

Any other ideas are appreciated.

Oh and I thought the vibrato was whacked as well. Found out you need a footswitch to turn it on.

Kyle B

The reverb tank input may have an open circuit. There's two small coils in there - you should find hundreds to multiple thousand ohms if you read each RCA jack with your meter. If either is open-circuit you've found a fault. You can do this w/o exposing yourself to high voltages. Just unplug the reverb tank same as you already did.

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