First Impressions: Way Huge Pork Lion


I've been noodling with this one for about a week now. It's a really cool pedal and I'm happy with the purchase. I originally bought this for my short term Klon fix, but it's actually pretty versatile.

With the right settings, you can get a convincing Klon-like clean boost. It's not dead on perfect, but close enough to channel the Klon vibe. I found the settings on TGP and copied them, worked like a charm.

I actually think this pedal delivers even better results when used like a Tube Driver, and I presume that's how Joe B uses his. It delivers a fat round glassy overdrive, just like my old BK (but without the Tube). Stack on a gain channel or low-mid gain pedal, and it takes you to EJ territory. Nice fat woman tone, good bass, and can deliver almost fuzz-like tone when stacked. Very thick sounding and really fun to play through. You'll find yourself uncontrollably ripping EJ, JB and Hendrix licks. Kick on the vibe and the fun doesn't stop! It stacks nicely with my Zendrive and Barber DD SS. It's a keeper and seems ruggedly built.

Just wanted to share my initial thoughts, will try to do some clips soon.

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