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First post & a Blackheart clip


Member 37136

Hey GP Amp people! I thought by way of introduction I'd link you to a clip of my Blackheart BH5 Giant Killer combo. I'm also in the process of testing out their new 15-watt Handsome Devil, which I hope to record and post this weekend.

The Giant Killer is great - I sold my Fender Champion 600 recently, and can say that a 12" speaker and tone controls make a huge difference! With its 3w/5w switch, you can get great tones at quieter levels, but there's plenty of volume and headroom for band practice and small gigs (or large gigs if you mic it).

The amp was modded to incorporate a dual rectifier, so all the tones on the clip except for the lap steel are done with the tube rectifier. I'm switching between the 3-watt and the 5-watt setting on the Strat solos, so you can get an idea of he overdrive tones this thing can produce. The lap steel is done at 3 watts with the SS rect, to show off the mellow cleans.

--Tom in Texas




Very cool clip. I've been wondering about those little Blackhearts.

Welcome to The Gear Page.


that clip sounds pretty awesome :)
I'm really interested in those 15w clips. that amp really got my attention.

Strat God

Great tones.
How do they sell an all-tube signal path for such low dollars????:NUTS

I WILL have one for the studio.:drool

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