first Recording/Need Input/Suggestions


I've been out of practice for a year / Back Surgery / So now no more excuses.....

R9>BOR>Dan Echo>Boss Reverb RV-2 >72' 50 watt Marshall>1936 cab w/new Celestion Heritage 20 watters...not broken in yet.
e609 mic>Artstudio Preamp> M Audio>IBM laptop / Audacity>MP3

Ode to Iommi " Alittle Paranoid".

I tried the OCD Ver 1 and the Fatboost later....sounds better thru the Marshall. Both Vol's on 4. I live in a Condo so used the BOR. I will do some clips straight thru Vol's 7 & 8. I like the normal channel up more for bottom end, Thanks for any input. Just a beginner, to much coffee & having Fun!!


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