First show in NYC @ the Bitter End 3/14 7pm

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    Jan 7, 2015
    Brooklyn, NY
    I'll be performing songs from my latest recording "Road to Clarity" on Saturday 3/14 @ 7pm 18+ $10 at the door. Really excited about this record and excited about my new pedals. I just picked up the Mojohand Crosstown Fuzz, Mojohand Rook Royale, and Tech 21 Blonde pedal. The three pedals alone have blown me away. I absolutely love my sound right now. It's exactly what I was looking for and then some.

    I actually traded a good friend of mine Eli Menezes for the Rook Royale. I had the Bogner Ecstacy Red but felt like it was too "restrained" but I definitely needed an overdrive that was going to be over the top for thick rhythm or lead tones so he told me about the Rook Royale and I'm so glad I traded because this thing cooks man! love it love it!

    This is what I'm running now:

    bottom right to left:
    1. Dunlop Volume pedal, 2. Digitech EX-7, 3. Mojohand Crosstown Fuzz, 4. controller for Nova Delay/Digitech EX-7 (made by This1myne), 5. Lovepedal Amp11 (prymax version),

    2nd Row: left to right
    1. TC Electronics Nova Delay (modded), 2. Mojohand Rook Royale

    3rd Row: left to right
    1. TC Hall of fame Reverb, 2. Moore Trelicopter, 3. Jacques Meistersinger analog chorus, 4. TC polytune mini


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