First Show in the Books


So this past Saturday night we did our first show where I used the Axe FX II XL as my main rig. I would live to tell you that everything was awesome.. but I really can't. I was told that it sounded great in the mains, but I couldn't hear it. lol! I had my Headrush FRFR, but my drummer stole it as he didn't have a monitor by him. The sound man was VERY new to this job. So our monitor mix was horrid. We did not bring our usual IEM system, as we only had a 30 minute set opening for a nation act. (I will NEVER do that again... the rig comes no matter what!)

Overall it was not the nightmare that I thought it was going to be. I had several compliments on my tone. Its funny, the switch to digital modeling has not been as difficult as I was imagining it was going to be. I guess once you are used to running IEMs, you kinda get used to not "feeling" the amp as much. Anyway... looking forward to the next show when I might actually get to hear everything! lol!


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Yeah. IME, monitoring is one of the biggest impediments to going direct. If you have a cruddy monitor mix and don't have stage volume to compensate, it can make the gig a real slog.


Well, at least none of it was your fault. Other people not knowing how to do their jobs is always a thing that can happen. Sucks that you had to give up your only monitoring bc other people dropped the ball.

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