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First song/riff that you learned on your own...


Day Tripper
It was either Day Tripper or Walk This Way
"Day Tripper" for me, as well. Also on an old, crappy acoustic guitar my grandmother gave me.
The Ramones ......I just want to have something to do.

The Beatles Day Tripper
Day tripper.
I was around 9 on a crappy acoustic guitar my parents bought me.

I never took lessons and didn’t pick it back up for another decade...
Me too. Wow.

Why is that one so weighty?


The very first song I learned by myself by picking up/dropping the needle. picking up/dropping the needle on a 45, was Blues Theme by Davie Alvin and the arrows. Man, was I proud of myself!

Walter Boots

Something by Kiss.Probably Strutter.A friend showed me the basic chord shapes,and I found out I could apply Barre chords to kiss albums pretty easily.


It’s got to be the opening riff on Secret Agent Man, I learned that riff the first time I picked up a Yamaha acoustic. Smoke on the Water followed shortly after and Iron Man was next, all on one string. Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown was first song I could play all the way through and sing which also taught me barre chords. After I learned barre chords Aerosmith’s Train Kept a Rolling and tons of other songs came to me. I was mostly a rhythm guitarist in my first bands so lead riffage came later on after I was a much better player.
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Do you remember the first song /riff you learned by ear on your own?

Love Stinks by J Geils Band for me. It was 1980, I was 14 and had been playing guitar about a month or so.

That tune will always hold a special place in my heart, as the opening chord sequence was the first thing I ever learned all on my own. I also remember learning the One Way or Another riff by Blondie the same weekend.

I was on a roll and destined for mediocrity!

How about you, TGP???



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Fairies Wear Boots was the first song I sat down and learned from start to finish. I already had written songs of my own and knew pentatonic and a few other scales so it was quite a neat test. I remember enjoying the process.
I didnt learn music to play other peoples songs but to write my own. Eventually I had to learn other peoples compositions to figure out why mine werent very good or all they could be and all I expected. Turns out composition is really important. ;)
I dont know why I chose Fairies Wear Boots.


The bridge of Pink Floyd's "High Hopes".

It was an interesting moment that brought two entirely opposing feelings at the same time;

I felt awesome because I just figured out how to play something David Gilmour played! I was 11 and honestly believed he was the only guy who could play those notes. I felt so damn special in that moment.

Mixed with the feeling that I just peeked behind the curtain and it ruined some of the magic for me. Like, "This is it? All this time I thought it was amazing but that's all he's doing?"

And because of that feeling of something losing it's magic after I learned it, I purposefully stayed away from learning a lot of songs to not spoil that magic. Then shortly after I got into EJ, Vai and Dream Theater......yep, it was all out of fear of losing the magic that I decided not to learn those songs note for not.....nothing to do with my ability or inability to play them. :D

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