First time gig (in my life) with a Dr. Z amp


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Guested with a band on Saturday that is known around here for good blues, jam, southern rock, traditional rock arrangements (aka a FUN gig) and the musicians are very good. I've been blessed to own some pretty good equipment over the years, but I don't know that I've ever had more fun than playing my new (to me) Maz 18 Reverb head through a 1x12 cab with a Weber version of a Creamback.
I used (also for the first time ever) a Sweet Honey Overdrive, punched it with a VFE Pale Horse set as a boost. Wow, touch sensitivity that I have, up until now, not known. Just an incredibly tuneful setup that delivered interesting overtones, complex harmonic content, all under the guise of sounding fairly clean to gritty. Goosing it a bit yielded creamy soaring lead and slide tones.
I'm another Z convert, albeit a little later in life than many of you.


Saw a band Saturday and the guitarist had a Dr Z. I've never played one myself, but his tone was excellent.

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