Fishman Aura DIs


I picked up a Spectrum cheap to flip, but I was so impressed with how it sounds, I'd like to get one for our church use. I don't need the Spectrum, but I'm curious about the smaller "Sixteen" models (which may have been discontinued). They seem to do the same thing, minus the tuner and XLR, and settings are downloadable (sort of like TC's Toneprints). Correct?

I'd even consider the older Acoustic Imaging Blender if it sounds good.

What can you tell me?



I have this one, which I believe was the predecessor to the Sixteen. It's amazing. The first time I heard a guitar player using one at my old church I immediately asked him about it and picked one up for myself. After years of listening to that tinny, artificial sound acoustics usually make when DI'ed it was absolutely night and day with the Aura on. I would never do any acoustic gig bigger than a two song open mic without it.

I've also used the L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI which is the only thing I thought might unseat this one from my acoustic board and it didn't even come close. (Though I adore the Baggs for banjo and mandolin, so not a knock against that one.)

I'd highly recommend any sort of Aura.

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