Fishman Aura vs Zoom A2

I've been thinking about getting an aura blender for acoustic playing, but i just found out about the zoom A2 & people seem to think its pretty decent. It can be had a lot cheaper so I might want to consider it if it sounds good. Anyone tried both?


Yeah, the Aura is worth the extra scratch. The Zoom is a modeler, but the Aura is made to enhance the sound of the guitar you're playing. If you have a Takamine, the Aura can't make it into a D-28 or a J-200. I am very impressed with the sound of the Aura, particularly with images I had customized for my guitar. Plugging it right into Logic or GarageBand is very, very close to a mic sound.


I have an A2, which I now use mostly for drum beats for rehearsing. Noisy, LOTS of digital artifacts, and the latency typical of low end digital units. A few of the effects sound good - I like the flanger. The acoustic modeling is a bit cheesy. If you think otherwise, I'd be happy to give you a great deal on mine!


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I recently did the 'acoustic thing' and purchased all high end gear (atleast on my budget). I had a Alvarez Yairi and a Takamine TC132sc classical. I had a Genz Benz amp and wanted to try all the acoustic effects that I could get my hands on beginning with the Aura. I tried the Blender first and then I tried the individual aura stompboxes. All of them were sent back during the return period because I just didn't like the sound of them. Perhaps my guitar was not a match for the images on the boxes, but I just didn't like the sound. Others did and I appreciate their opinion as well. The best sound I got out of an acoustic effects deal was the TC Electronics G-Natural which is very expensive. Had I kept playing acoustically, I would have done all to keep the G-Natural as it was the best that I was able to use.


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