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Fitz and the Tantrums


Gold Supporting Member
What do you guys think? I think I like their material.
I am still undecided/convinced.
They are quite catchy....Opinions appreciated.
Kinda a pop/Motown/New Radicals mix IMO. I like that, but need to hear some more of their material.
Plus, I don't believe there is a guitar player in the band.



The minute I heard Moneygrabber (early last year) I was reminded of Hall and Oates...

Then I saw this...



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I wanted to resurrect this thread. Just found out about them and I'm really enjoying their songs and musicality :love:
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Watching them on a Live @ D's House right now (rerun?). Really nice tunes. The guy (Fitz) can sing. I agree about reminding me of DH. Catchy stuff.


"I'm losing my edge, but I was there..."
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I've worked with them about 8 times in the past 2 years since the album came out and they hit the road. By far one of the hardest working bands I've seen in a long time.
Great players with great songs.
Look them up on YouTube and you'll find numerous live clips of them in front of big and small crowds throwing down like their lives depended on it.
They deserve to be huge.

This will give you an idea...not many bands can beat this for energy, etc...
Dear mr president
News 4 u
Sweet dreams
Live at the Lowlands Festival 2011

BTW - there's no guitar player in the band by design. Fitz wanted a different sound so he went with keys and sax/flute player.
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